Create More. Don’t Underestimate The Value You Can Bring

“What’s so special about what I’m saying?” “What unique thing do I have to offer?” “Haven’t a million other people already said exactly the exact same thing?” 

How many times have you caught yourself thinking one of these thoughts when coming up with a new idea?

I surely have, many times. But as I learned while working at an innovation agency: it’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution. 

And whatever the idea is, there are a million different ways of doing it. No way will exactly be the same. No person will execute it exactly the same. We all have our unique experiences and perspectives that we bring along. The end result is never the result of just the idea. 

You don’t have to be a genius to have an impact

What I’m saying: you don’t have to come up with a brilliant idea no one ever thought of before, a la Einstein’s relativity theory. The idea behind this blog post surely isn’t! 

But that your work doesn’t change the world, doesn’t mean it can’t make an impact. 

Even if it resonates with just a few people, even if it just gives one person a new idea, it can change a life. And via that multiple lives. Y’know, the famous ripple effect. 

The magic of the right moment, the right time, the right tone

Think of all the books you read, articles, those inspirational quotes pasted on a cheesy background of a sunset. Surely some of them must have given you new inspiration. And perhaps nudged you to take an action that has made all the difference.

Were those ideas unique? Probably not. But they reached you at the right time and in a way that spoke to you. 

Because it’s not just about the idea. It’s about the way you deliver it, the format, the tone. The words or images you use. The context you provide. And you have enough to draw from: your life!

I think the trick is to make and share with the mindset of truly wanting to help. By sharing whatever experiences and insights we have, and the beauty we found in the world around us or conjured up in our minds. 

And even if you’ve made it just for yourself, you can always put it out there and see if it resonates. Where’s the harm in that?

So get your ideas out there!

Yes, I’m aware that there are TONS of articles out on Medium which are saying the EXACT same thing I’m telling you right now. But I’m going to post this regardless. 

And I encourage you to share whatever you’ve been working on, or get started with that idea of yours. No matter how many people have done it before. 

Because there’s always a different way of executing it that can impact people in new ways. Truly, I believe we overestimate the value of ideas, and underestimate the value of perspectives. 

So don’t underestimate the value of your perspective either! I’m already looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with 😉


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