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I’m a copywriter who helps founders connect with their audience and make an impact.

Nail your USP

I guide you in finding your customers and defining your value prop — the difference you are making in their lives.

Craft your brand voice

I help you clarify your brand's purpose and craft your tone of voice to get your mission and vision across.

Connect with words

I deliver your story with words that feel true to you, connect with your audience and get you the business results you need.

Work I did for clients

Outlander Materials

I wrote the copy for the new Outlander Materials website, a Holland-based bio-engineering company making plastic-free packaging alternatives to single-use plastics. 

The Fit

I was asked to write copy for The Fit's new website — a Swedish fashion technology startup that uses AI to give retailers consumer body data, and customers the perfect fit.

Hi, I'm Eve

A copywriter who uses the power of words to help business owners make an impact.

As a product owner and startup coach, I’ve seen too many brilliant products fail because of ineffective marketing. Because of words that did not reach the right people, failed to communicate value, or weren’t engaging enough.

That’s why I made it my mission is to help entrepreneurs craft a story that’s going to connect with their audience and make their marketing take off.

Being the former user researcher I am, I start with understanding your audience inside–out. Then I combine this with my love for writing to help you craft your online voice, write words that get your vision across, and get people to take action.

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